Baby Room 0 - 2 Years

Baby Room (birth-24 months)

The baby room is situated on the ground floor for easy access. Our staff are fully trained to offer the best care for your baby with a ratio of 1:3 maximum so you can rest assured that they are in good hands.


We provide an extensive range of activities for all stages of development and plan around the children. The room has a range of sensory toys and equipment including a bubble fish tank (artificial fish) to stimulate young children’s minds.  The children are able to explore through creative play which includes:- painting, gluing,  play dough and many more activities. In the room we provide comfy baskets for the children to be able to relax play and sleep in throughout the session.  


    Black & White Sensory Corner             Small World Area                                                                Ball Pool     

Black & White Sensory CornerSmall World AreaBall Pool